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Opus LIVE 030 JustShowUp

It's Opus LIVE episode 030 the #JustShowUp Episode. HashTag it, Spread it around. Marc Emery is a free man, Jodie Emery is attempting to win the nomination for federal Liberals, Stephen Harper and his band of evil henchman have lost another cannabis court case and legalization marches forward. All this plus other cannabis related stories, events, videos and smoke, lots and lots of smoke - Mondays 7-9 pm at Vapor Central and on

Stoner Sundays 177 Mike Rita

HEY ! If you're still looking for something to do tonight make sure to think about coming down to Vapor Central to watch Stoner Sundays... Tonight we have 2 special guest performers , some awesome music and magic ! WE HAVE MAGIC TONIGHT at Stoner Sundays so come on down ! Show starts at 9pm

Congrats to Mikey "Vapor Central's Enfant Chéri" Rita on 3 years of Stoner Sundays! His show helps harden comics from around the country and gets them some deserved bakshish. Here's to 420 more years! Smoke it like it's weed, Reets!

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Congratulations to Pot TV for 20 MILLION VIEWER MINUTES

Congratulations to Pot TV for 20 MILLION VIEWER MINUTES Marc Emery will be live HERE>>> — with Marc Emery. Watch Marc Emery's Pot TV for the latest news and views on marijuana and the fight to end drug prohibition. New LIVE shows every week, including Cannbis Culture News LIVE, From Under the Influence with Marijuana Man, Class in Session, Jams in the Key of Green and more!

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3rd Klass Thursdays 296 Hunter Collins Marc Emery

POT TV - 3RD KLASS THURSDAY 2NITE at Vapor Central! We continue our Marc Emery freedom celebrations tonight with a special 7PM SHOW! That's right, Marc has been ROLL-eased from the JOINT! No longer SPIN-carcerated! Bye-bye, slammer; hello, FAT CANNERS! It's the SKUNK-DANK WEED-HEMP-tion! The ENDO his sentence! On tonight's show: Christophe Davidson! Casey Corbin! Jordan Foisy! James Kersley! And Freddie Rivas! That's a great show and I'm as sure of that as I am that Tyga says "mustard on a bee" at the beginning of Rack City! 667 YONGE. 7PM. NO VIBE-HARSHAGE.

Opus LIVE 029 The Marc Emery Freedom Episode

POT TV - It’s the 29 episode of Opus LIVE this 33rd week of 2014 and Marc Emery gets out of custody and will be returning to Canada tomorrow Aug 12th in Windsor ONT. Also guest Albert Nerenberg, Canadian independent filmmaker, actor, journalist, and laughologist. His films include Stupidity(2003), Escape to Canada (2005), Let's All Hate Toronto (2007), and Laughology (2009). Both Stupidity and Laughology are the first feature length documentaries to discuss the topics of stupidity and laughter. AUG 11th OPENING MUSIC….


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