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TMZ 164 Good Tokes Come In Threes

TMZ 164 Good Tokes Come In Threes. After last week’s legendary webcast, The Mernahuana Zone attempts to up the action by interviewing suspend RCMP Cpl Ron Francis. TMZ host Matt Mernagh has spoken to the officer on the phone and the interview Tuesday July 29 at 730pm EST will be excellent. This is the third time we’ve promised to make an interview happen, but all good tokes come in threes.

Join the Liberal Party of Canada and Help Legalize Marijuana!

POT TV - The Liberal Party of Canada has made marijuana legalization part of their official policy and party leader Justin Trudeau has pledged his support. Here's how you can spread the message and help the party right now!

This is the first and only time a major Canadian political party has supported completely ending the prohibition of marijuana, and it's an amazing opportunity for Canada's marijuana movement.

How To Buy Pot From A Stranger In Toronto

The random marijuana buy is possibly the most stressful transaction some stoners are ever going to make because there’s plenty of fear around meeting a friendly stranger to buy ganja. Mostly around getting ripped off, but a few folks worry the police are going to sting them for a $40 sack. Police handouts (where cops sell a pothead a wee bit of pot) are not common in Toronto for cannabis. Afterall the police are the trafficker and purchaser is the possessor. 

TMZ 163 Canadian Cannabis Smuggler Brian O’Dea

TMZ 163 Canadian Cannabis Smuggler Brian O’Dea @VaporCentral

Canadian cannabis smuggler Brian O’Dea is signing and reading from HIGH: Confessions of International Drug Smuggler Tuesday July 22 at Vapor Central from 720-1020pm. O’Dea will be a guest on The Mernahuana Zone, a weekly interactive weed webcast hosted by cannabis champion Matt Mernagh and co-hosted by friends Tamara Smash, Jay Danger and Chris Goodwin.

TMZ 162 Interview Marihuana Medicating RCMP Officer Ron Francis

Medicating with marihuana to relieve PTSD symptoms, suspended RCMP officer Cpl Ron Francis was chewed up by the ideological Conservative political machinery because he spoke out. Speaking out gets him in trouble, but Cpl Ron Francis will be speaking from the top of the biggest marijuana mountain by appearing on webcast, The Mernahuana Zone Tuesday July 15.

Opus LIVE 025 Back From BC

POT TV - Tonight at Vapor Central 667 Yonge st it's the 'Back from BC' episode and we will have a full report from the Great Canadian Glass Gathering plus show and tell. -the Vernon medical marijuana scene, we have the details.- Cannabis Culture, Marc Emery, Vansterdam and we announce a new raffle you don't want to miss! And as always you can win marijuana or a years subscription to SKUNK magazine.


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