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Burnlesque Comedy & Hypnosis

This Friday 9pm!!! At Vapor Central Were having a night to spectical the most cherished of human vices!!! All whilsts enjoying the HERB in the majestic new halls of VAPOR CENTRAL BE LURED & TAMED By Host Bryan O'Gorman FEAST YOUR EYES & SOUL w/ HOT- FUN TO RATTLE YOUR INNER FOLLIES Burlesque performances by Kelly Mari & Celladore Violet MADNESS & MERTH of live Comedy & SUCCUMB TO THE VOID with Hypnosis Chris Jones to truly be liberated from your BABYLON SLUMBER COME OH DAEMONS OF OLD & SPRITES OF THE EPOC ERA !

The world infamous Burn-Lesque show returns tonight to Vapor Central! The celebration includes gorgeous tripped out dance routines from badass ladies Kelli-Mari & Violet, the award winning hypnosis of Chris Jones from Chicago, vile comedy from the proudly hairy Vandad Kardar PLUS a rabbit wearing a strap on with a paint brush stuck in the end is gonna be fed Viagra before the show and then paint a mural on the audience throughout the duration of the evening! NEAT! Hosted by Ol' Blue Googley Eyes here and brought to you by the letter 'Weed.' I'll be giving away some free tixx to my album taping tomorrow and a bunch of other free ishh too!! **WE'RE ALWAYZ HAVING MORE FUN THAN YOU** 9pm Doors 667 YoNgE sTrEeT tOrOnTo, 2-nOiT!!