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The CK POTcast 135 Jacques Barrett Bryan O'Gorman

POT TV - THE CK-POTcast with Cal Post! It's thanksgiving and I don't just have election fever, I'm fucking sick to my stomach! Who do I vote for? Wavy hair? Satan's lapdog? Fat Hans Gruber? Maybe my guests tonight can help me out. On the show we have, all the way from Australia, international comedian Jacques Barrett! And beside me, my co-host, so skinny he's only viewable in 2 dimensions, Vapor's own, Bryan O'Gorman!

THE SARAH HANLON SHOW - You want the latest on everything entertainment? What shows are hot!? What movies SUCK?! Who's fucking who in the WHAT!? All the time getting' high as shit! You can't miss SHS with Sarah Hanlon! Following SHS it's us! We've got news, talk social injustice, and mostly just say filthy shit for well over an hour! FUCK YEA! Tonight on the show, two comedians who have been all over the world slingin' the jokey jokes. Don't miss it 7PM!

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