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No Muslim Ban - Toronto Protest

As much as everybody hated 2016, 2017 surely hasn't been much better. 2017: the year Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States - many so disgusted and embarrassed they not only refuse to call him the president they cant even to say his name, only referring to him only as number forty-five. Why are they embarrassed and disgusted? It's not just because Donald Trump is a bumbling fool who clearly doesn't have what it takes to be the president - but because since he won, his hateful rhetoric has done nothing but intensify the oppression that marginalized people on a daily basis. Before number forty-five even took office hate crimes had spiked in both the United States and Canada. Then he took office and immediately signed what everyone but himself (including his advisor Rudy Giuliani) is referring to as the


He signed executive orders banning travel to the US from anybody with citizenship in one of seven predominantly Muslim nations ( Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia). There was widespread confusion, dual citizens and green card holders were being stopped. His spokespeople contradicted themselves many times during press conferences. Border agents were using their own discretion and many of them treated people terribly. Airports in major cities in the U.S., and across the globe flooded with people protesting.

This order is absolutely disgusting not only is it racist and xenophobic, but anti-immigrant.

It represents the underlying white supremacy that both America and Canada were really built on and that continues to foster bigotry and oppression in our nation.
Kayla and I headed down to the Toronto consulate to show our support for our Muslim brothers and sisters here in Canada, the United States and across the globe and to take a more general stance against number forty-five and his many hateful bigoted views and policies. We also gather to show the Canadian government that we are aware that certain policies here are anti immigrant Anti Muslim, racist and xenophobic and that we would like them to change. Canadians get a lot of back-patting for welcoming refugees but we really just talk a lot of game and don't show up practically. Currently there is a hault on private sponsorships for refugees as well as a bill that prevents anyone who has previously applied to the states to apply to Canada for Refugee status. These laws need to change. We haven't taken in as many people as we have promised and we haven't taken in nearly as many people as Germany.

It was overwhelming but very important to be there as the organizers appreciated the numbers and asked us to come back on

Saturday Feb 4th

the and bring ten people with us. If you are around Toronto this Saturday February the fourth and want to show to the Canadian government that we care and want change , head to the US Consulate at University and Queen at osgoode subway station with some other concerned people. Here's some photos from the rally, there were a lot of really amazing people and some great signs. Members from


were there as well as First Nations community members who reminded everyone that there should be


The cool thing about this protests is that it really did seem to be inclusive and trying to bring members of different communities together while addressing everyone's different needs and space.People are not taking this lying down. As potheads, we are used to protesting for Cannabis, but this was way more important than our 420 rights.

--- Sarah Hanlon