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Vapor Central is OPEN now 11am to 1am

Remember when I said "We are planning for a late August Renovations... Although everything takes twice as long, and costs twice as much, we are still expecting to be done by Labour Day." Well, Vapor Central is OPEN now 11am to 1am. Partially! Renovations are NOT done yet... Back and Bottom cabinets still need to be finished, Bong Bar shelves and TVs need to be installed. New Bar Tops coming Tuesday... This is still a soft opening, but we finished the floors, walls, ceiling, and so much more that we felt we could have a soft opening. Expect limited service for the next week. Please be patient, so it's done right.

CAUTION I want to give a warning to all Vapor Central Members, Be prepared for some work during opening hours, tools, dust, etc. We will try and keep it simple. If that doesn't stop you, come down and check it out.

Google Street View also came into VC in Jan 2013, check out the Virtual Tour of our old layout...

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