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Stoner Sundays 240 Mike Rita

POT TV - Stoner Sundays 240 with Mike Rita Sitting at CIRV.FM doing the radio interview to promo my sisters show on the 22nd of November, and helping promote tonight's Stoner Sundays at Vapor Central. #‎StonerSundays‬ all I can think about is how many times growing up i heard their jingle "88 point 9 , CIRV FM TOR-RONNNN-TOOO" now I'm on the other side... Thank God for elementary portuguese classes #PureAzorian #VaiOuManata — at CIRV-FM.

I've been doing a lot of interviews for portuguese media outlets and they're really helping the push for my sisters show on November 22nd in Brampton. Please , if you're free at 4 PM on the 22nd of this month I'd love to have you in the audience. I'll be putting on the most important show I've ever produced. I've been all over radio and TV and online outlets talking about it and it's starting to pick up. We need your help thou , sharing this and helping buy tickets that are only $20 for a lineup of comedians festivals pay 1000s to have. Please if on November 22nd you have no plans , make Comedy Against Cancer your plans. Thank you so much for everything so far ! This is when I need fans , family, friends the most.

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