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TMZ 232 Vaping Anywhere Weed Weddings and BC Busts

POT TV - The Mernahuana Zone with Matt Mernagh & co-host Lisa Campbell at Vapor Central. TMZ speaks with Canadians for Fair Access to Medical Marihuana Jonathan Zaid who was instrumental in making the exemption to Electronic Cigarettes Act happen.

The Mernahuana Zone broke out in a happy dance when Ontario Liberal associate minister of health Dipika Damerla explained med pot patients may toke it anywhere. Her high praise for their regulation prompted intense blowback and scrutiny. It’s a nice day for a weed wedding, TMZ interviews cannabis florist and weed wedding planner Bec Koop. She’s the highest florist at Buds & Blossoms and Cannabis Concierge Events. BC RCMP raided S&M Sweet Shoppe taking about 500 cookies, 2000 candies, tinctures, 500 medicinal tea bags, $2000 in wrappings and flavors, took their logo wrapped van, their laptops and a 20ft wiggle man that had a marijuana leaf on him. TMZ interviews Michelle Sikora from the sunshine coast regarding her outspoken activism that may have been a trigger.


700pm 416 Medicinal Toronto Marijuana Health Center.
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820pm Crop King Seeds 420 Bud Swap, narrated by Erin Goodwin.
920pm Bud Buddy The Weight Is Right, from our co-sponsor #WhoCaresGetDoped.
1000pm Boss Vaporizer Canadian based vaporizer company.


745PM Jonathan Zaid
845PM Bec Koop
945pm Michelle Sikora

Matt Mernagh is the author of Marijuana Smoker’s Guidebook The Easy Way To Identify and Enjoy Marijuana Strains. On sale now from Amazon, Urban Outfitters or iTunes.

Lisa Campbell is Principal Consultant at Mobile Revolutions and Outreach Director at the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. TMZ Co-Host Pot TV Network.