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Weedy Wednesdays 440 Bryan O'Gorman

POT TV - Weedy Wednesdays 440 Bryan O'Gorman TORONTOOO, Ol' Blue Googley Eyes is home and askin for trouble like a mayor and a rap star at a crack house tonight at Vapor Central!! HUGE lineup tonight Including headliner/slow jam aficionado Ron Josol!! Host of the deadly poscast 'This Week in Outrage,' Nick Beaton will be here too along with all star jokeonauts Jeff Elliott and Jag Ghankas!! ALSO, I fuck the news off the top with stories about psycho Canadians, Charlie Sheen's dick and Sea World's plan to construct the world's first hotel made entirely of dolphin bonez!! FREE BONG GIVEAWAY AND REASON TO LIVE!!
Good to be back wearing the saddle or whatever the saying is (I don't judge) 9PM 667 yOnGe StReEt DoWnToWn DaNs Le 6iX! cum.

ALSO I fuck the news with stories about singing tampons, Newfoundland's voting rituals and hologram video games! PLUS we do an update on Stephen Harper's kitten rape conviction stemming from a 1996 frat party I made up. Big big time to be had, FREE BONG GIVEAWAY AND CHANCE TO GET PREGNANT, 9PM doors, come all villians and whores. We alwayz have more fun than you, so come be us too. 667 yOnGe StReEt DoWnToWn DaNs Le 6iX